Saturday, October 5, 2013

Flash Cards Are Cool!

Gabriella prepared flash cards the other day to study words that I thought she ought to know. Whether she reads now or later I want to have more of an influence on the decision and that is why I suggested making the cards.

She loves the idea and (for almost a week) was actively studying them. Now how do I get her back on that train? The initial reason for the flash card movement was to increase her vocabulary and edge her closer to ready but it also provided for good Daddy & Daughter time. I am lost without this necessity because she lost her cards.

Lord help me get back on track with the flash cards and other activities to enhance our relationship. Gabriella, if you read this you are very smart for your age. As soon as you learn the benefits of discipline and routine (and then practice both) you will be on your way to success. I love you!

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