Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hello Aalycia

My name is Uncle Desmond and this is my family. All of us are loving, devoted, sincere and like to have fun. Only Gabriella knows that we are bringing you to live with us for a period...

HastyFamily, this is Aalycia! She is your cousin. She is my niece. She is Aunt Siobhan's (my sister in NY) daughter.

I took Aalycia back to NY because I feel that this is the best decision for her and our family. I am sorry for not talking to you about having her at our house for a little over a week. How do you feel about that?_________________________________________________________

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Our trip to DC, NYLF drop off

Gabriella is out and on her own for a week in DC (via Chevy Chase, MD) at the 4H building.

We went down to DC, spent the night, didn't do much in terms of sight-seeing but Dad sure liked the hotel. It was in the city and had a pool. Next time we should stay outside of the city, still get a pool, and plan to do more sight-seeing activities. We should also leave Wilmington a lot sooner so that we can enjoy DC for more than a day. FYI: We left Delaware around 2PM.

HastyFamily, what were your thoughts about the trip? I asked you when it was going on and here is what you said:

  • Molly: "I loved the Greek food (from Zorba's) and the pool was awesome!"
  • Gabriella: I got to see the White House...
  • Quentin: The pool was good. I wish I got to see other monuments in DC...
  • Dad: We should have left sooner but at lease we swam in a pool and had an amazing bagel breakfast.
  • Mom: "We are never going to the movies on a family vacation again." 

For the record, Gabriella and I went to see the White House while everyone else sat in the car about 4 blocks away in Downtown DC.

Then you came back, did well and we were very happy! Yay Gabriella!


Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Hasty Kids take on Little League

So you two are finally on the same team. Stanton Newport Little League is where you two will first play on the same baseball team all season.

You are on Quentin's, reigning champion, Cardinals. Coach Dwayne isn't the manager but is still involved. Gabriella is playing catcher and Quentin is playing third base for most of the season. Quentin is learning to pitch as well.

Although I expect you both to  do well this season, please remember the following things: take leads on every pitch (when the ball crosses the plate), try your best at every play and position, and HAVE FUN!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

National Geography Bee

The National Geography Bee is like a spelling bee but focused on the subject of World Geography. Molly not only won 2 competitions at her school, but she qualified for the states which was held at her school.

I am proud of you big girl. Everything you do I support and will be there for. You told me that you were the first person in Stanton's history to go to the state level in this competition and that is more reason for praise.

Keep up the good work and I encourage you to continue to set the standard of excellence for your siblings!



Monday, January 30, 2017


What a great movie! Our family saw this together at the Brandywine theater and I feel it had a great story-line. The ending was uplifting and the characters were memorable.

I want all of you to remember the spirit that followed Moana. Our inner guide is one of the strongest forces we know. Always consider it.