Sunday, September 29, 2013

I don't like turkey or ham

After a nice trip to the library I'd take the hasty kids to my favorite supermarket, Shoprite. We were on line for about 7 minutes waiting for lunch meat; 1 pound of ham and turkey each. I let everyone try both and all loved it except with Molly. She was hesitant to taste either but decided she preferred the ham over the turkey she had. What a great opportunity to obtain another option for lunches during the week.

Molly also informed me that she loves Peanut Butter & Jelly (PBJ) and would try salad. Both like carrot sticks and Gabriella doesn't prefer PBJ. My hands are full (as usual) but at least I am getting better at the likes and dislikes of my children. Oh, Quentin eats just about anything. Sorry BJs, you're just not fitting the bill anymore.

Can't wait until October when I start introducing nuts, seeds, and dry fruit for the many adventures of homemade trailmixes. Stay tuned for that post.

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