Monday, September 28, 2015

Weeks 2 & 3 for Gabriella

So as I finish Gabriella's third 25+ page homework packet with her, I thank God that she is learning. The attitude she gives me needs to be unlearned but I'll save that for another blog post. Common Core Math is challenging my little girl but as she burrows through this work she is learning at lightening speed. 

I heard that her teacher loves the statistics that the students create. You know, homework completion percentage, etc. Hopefully she will enable my little girl to shine. Now if we can manage our time better we can reduce the amount of breakdowns due to exhaustion and lack of down time.

The bus situation is working a lot better and our family has a nice routine throughout the week with homework, pick-ups from school, babysitting in the mornings and sports practices and games. This is just a bookmark into our busy lives. Please remember how hard you are working and that we are all there with you.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Week 1: K, 2 and 6

As we ended our first week in the HastyKids' respective grades and schools, I need to reflect on the roller-coaster of emotions that your Mom and I have been through, as well as your learning experiences, thus far.

First off, Molly exclaimed that she wasn't going to the school I had enrolled her in. I completely respect your opinion Molly, but transferring you during your first week of Middle School is a challenge I would not like to meet again in the future for your nor your siblings. As a reminder, you were supposed to start school last Monday and ended up starting last Thursday. On top of that, your school's website is out-dated and we were pleasantly surprised to see that your new school offers Softball and Band. Thank You Jesus!

Gabriella and Quentin have shared similar challenges in their new environment, in a phrase, bus #2. In the past 7 days it was on time bringing them home once and late about 50 minutes on average the other days. The first time Mom almost called the police when an administrator said you two ended up back at your new school. Additionally, Gabriella is used to having a class with much fewer distractions and while she is growing socially I feel like she is slightly stunted in her new urban environment. Only time will tell.

Let the stories commence as we enter our new school environments.