Friday, August 20, 2010

Gabriella's Wake-Up p1

So Gab wakes up, usually an hour after I go to sleep, in a screaming rage that isn't easily calmed. Night terrors?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quen's tooth update 8/18/10

As of this week I noticed Quen has 5 teeth; 3 of which are on the bottom left, and 2 on the top left.

I am so proud of my boy for bearing the new tooth part of his childhood. I will remind him of is troubles and the difficulty of teeth as they break the skin.

I love my son!

Super Dad

Wednesday 8/18/20

I love the smell in the air that Fall is on its way. And with Fall comes going back to work, routine for my family, graduate school, MPM's school, working out (new for my family), and Quen's birthday.

My son is turning one year old and he has grown well in his first year. I will await his first birthday and all of the aforementioned events that arise and change.

Back to today, I have the children to myself before we go bowling tonight. It is the last three Wednesday's of bowling and I am proud of my children that they have made it this far. It can be boring staying still in the bowling alley for 3+ hours.