Monday, November 30, 2015

Fred Astaire and not Eminem

I just had a run-in with my son where he said something rude to me. The context of the rude statement isn't relevant it's just the fact that he's being rude more frequently and doesn't see it as rude.

I'm crossing the fine line with my son the way he is afraid that I'm going to punish him versus he doesn't know what is rude and is just being himself? I think he's following the behaviors in school with some of his classmates but because he's typically good he doesn't say things in a fresh way to his teachers. When I asked if he said such rude things to his teachers he replied, "no". Then why do you say them to Mommy and I?

After the cool down he seems fine but I left making him aware of what he said that was rude. 

Quentin, any time you feel like something may be rude just ask us and we'll let you know. You need to change and so do we. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Love always,


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Distinguished honors ceremony

It was 9:00AM in the morning and I remember walking into Stanton Middle School and sitting in the auditorium. Several parents were there but not nearly as many as I saw later.

I was awaiting the breakfast and ceremony for my big girl to be awarded with Distinguished Honors. I didn't know how big of a deal it was until the numbers came into play. You are special!

The presenter must have read about 80 names in all but when he called your name it was one of only 16. Congratulations Molly! To come from 2 different schools in 4 years and receive honors, honor roll and distinguished honors in all of them is a great accomplishment.

Mom and I are so happy for your hard work and intelligence paying off and you need to know that!

Lastly, the main thing I remember is that you sincerely thanked me for coming to the ceremony before I left. This moment is priceless and has been committed to my permanent memory log.

Love you!


Friday, November 6, 2015

90 minutes

So, 90 minutes was all it to took for my son to have a jumping good time!

It was the celebration of his 6th birthday and his two favorite people were there to help him have as much fun as possible. I know you're thinking I mean his sisters but not this time. Instead, it was Junior and Brayden. His two favorite friends and the destination most sought, Sky Zone.

Bud, you might not remember it but we drove you all the way up to our old neighborhood for you to have a mid-week-night party with your two closest friends. Something tells me that you're gonna remember your first party outside of the house.

I pray that you have many more friends and parties!
Quentin, Junior and Brayden 11/08/15