Sunday, September 25, 2016

Happy 9th Anniversary

Our children are the best!
From decorating the door with the wrong anniversary number to having a ball at Texas Roadhouse, we appreciate your love in every circumstance.
Keep up the good sense of humor, your love of food, and your love of life.

We Love You!

Proud parent

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Texas Roadhouse in August

This should have been my birthday celebration witht the family. Instead it was another great time to hang out with people I love most. We went to Texas Roadhouse on a Wild West Wednesday where the steaks are $9.99 and we discovered chili fries.

Hasty Children, don't forget to balance spending money to enhance your life with  spending money for pleasure. We have had a great 2016 with many blessings.

May your lives have just enough increase to kee you humble and earnest in prayer.



Sunday, September 4, 2016

First day of school 2016-17

Molly - You had the day off when your siblings had school so we didn't get a first day shot together. Bright side, no more band and you have the same friends to hang out with this year. 

Gabriella and Quentin - FFA is never more! You are at the second best Elementary school in the Red Clay School District, Marbrook. Bright side, you are in a place that enables maximum growth socially, emotionally and intellectually.