Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Letter C...

Hey Quen,

I'm so excited to know what you know and what you don't!

I love that you can spell your name but you don't know what most of the letters look like.

I love that you know your ABC's but you can only recognize A and B.

I love that you are learning the letter C this week and are doing a great job! Remember the following: what the letter C looks like, and two words that begin with C are Cat and Cow.

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Keep up the good work!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


When going bowling didn't work, due to the start of leagues that night, we went with Plan B, THE MOVIES! I dread the movies because they are so expensive. Mom asked me not to tell her how much they cost but the bottom line is we had a great time.

Maleficent, the prequel to Sleeping Beauty, was a pretty good movie. So good, in fact, that I had to see Sleeping Beauty all over again. Here we are posing with the How To Train Your Dragon 2 poster. I love Oxford Valley Movie theater. They have great posters to pose in front of and capture the moment.

I hope you all enjoyed the movie. What a Plan B!

Love always,