Saturday, July 31, 2010

6/23 - 6/27/08

This is the last week of MM's daycare/preschool. She doesn't fully understand but I am sure she will be sad in the long run.

GH has been pretty good. We haven't gone anywhere special except to visit mom twice at her job, to the dentist twice (once for a check-up and another to pick-up our glasses).

Q's First tooth

Well I'm not the best at blogging on time but Q got his first tooth recently. He is the best and I am so proud of him but now he is crank-dified. He is constantly cranky and I have to hide from him in order for me to get anything productive done.

I still love him and pray for all to go well as his teeth continue to come in.
Quen's first tooth 7/2010

Super Dad

Dad and 2/3's Part I

Since my last text made it I must say that I am mighty proud of myself. Today I took Gab and Q to my brother in laws to celebrate a birthday.They both behaved well and made me look like the Super Dad I claim to be. My mother in law came in the nick of time (i.e. when I needed to change Gab's pants because of a little soda incident.)

Q was his quiet self and was fascinated with a water bottle because he's teething. Another day of me loving me as Super Dad.

Super Dad

The Children and company

The day is over and the children are prepared for bed. The day was long but when our company arrived they were little angels. One of the best things about parenthood is when I can reflect on how well our children are growing.

God, thank you for blessing my family and me with love and humility.