Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving has come and gone and it was a blessing. As I reflect I am grateful for my wife's aunt, my mother-in-law, and my aunt for making the trip out to see us.

My children enjoyed the food and family thoroughly. Their happy memories are forever engraved in their minds and hearts and I will only pray for every Thanksgiving here on out will be as blessed as this one was.

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Potty...

Quentin is the last of three children to be Potty trained. He is doing well so far but it has been a long journey to the point where we are now.

Funny I'm blogging about this now because I lost it the other day when he pooped in his underwear, while wearing pants, and it wasn't all solid (sorry for the details). I asked him why? I put him on the toilet, and I threw his underwear in the trash. Later on he told me that he was sorry and I felt better but. To add insult to injury I left him on the toilet for about 3 minutes to go back upstairs and find that the rest of the roll of toilet paper was used and in the toilet. :(  Why?

Quentin has been actively potty training since June 2012. He has done a remarkable job but still has his rebellious side. Today, I am proud to say, Quentin goes to his pre-school in underwear and comes home with the same clothes. He is on a streak of about 5 classes and counting...

Steps for getting him where he is today are as follows:

  • Offer an incentive for potty training (something immediate like candy or a dance, etc.)
  • Praise him once the deed is done (hi-five's worked well for Quentin)
  • Offer to take him to the bathroom every hour for the first month, every other hour for the second month, and whenever you use the bathroom thereafter
  • Never think you are out of the forest until the child is 4 years old (with the exception of the nightly-before-bed-bathroom reminder)
I love my boy!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The chocolate donut

On Friday I took the Hasty Kids to get donuts. For clarification, we eat Pop Tarts or donuts every Friday to celebrate the end of the week.

Well grace be to God for my order mix-up last Friday because I would never have tasted the chocolate goodness of my chocolate frosted donut. Molly gets vanilla frosted, Gabriella gets chocolate frosted with cream, and Quentin gets chocolate frosted. I mixed up the order at DD and got an extra donut. Bottom line, it tasted great when I drove solo to work and I have Master Quentin (and his siblings) for an unexpected "Happy Friday" treat!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

So we missed the Chestnut Hill Trick-Or-Treating extravaganza because I had to work last Sunday. We live here (and as a side note, I wish I didn't ever work my part time gig because I lost out on a lot of family time) and missed out on trick-or-treating on the Avenue. This included going in and out of the boutiques, getting candy and dressing up all in the convenience of a 5-10 minute walk. We missed other C-Hill events but that will be in a later post especially since I plan on attending them.

Our tradition begins with going over my brother-in-laws house, getting costumes on and taking pictures. Afterwards we are off into the cool night zig zagging our way through the streets and houses with lights on.

This year Quentin walked by himself and carried his own bag. One funny memory is after Quentin carefully walks down the many stairs of these Northeast houses, he runs as fast as he can to catch up to his older sisters and his cousins.

I thank God that everyone is healthy and well in our families and am appreciative to celebrate this years Halloween with no strollers.