Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy birthday Molly!

It was our girls 10th birthday on the 7th and she had a ball!

On her birthday I got her all her favorite food via Eileen. She had pizza and ice cream instead of her original request of a cheeseburger. Nonetheless she enjoyed it and had a great day in school.

We celebrated her birthday and invited all her friends and some of her family to the house last Saturday. We purchased the DVD Croods and had our homemade movie theater in the backyard yard projecting the movie on our shed. There were approximately 20 people in total and we had fun.

We feasted on hot dogs Bagel Bites mac and cheese potato salad Buffalo bites chips candy and popcorn. Shout out to Eileen because she got the movie theater type popcorn bags and the kids loved it. We had plenty of soda and water to go around so no one was hungry or thirsty.
Molly misses her friends from Chestnut Hill and this was a great time to invite them have them come out and kick it like they used to a little less than six months ago. Unfortunately Eileen and Molly experienced how much they missed Chestnut Hill again.

It was great to see the family and the friends from that area are sorely missed. I look forward to the next event (Gabriella's birthday?). I wonder who will come out for her that?

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