Friday, August 28, 2015

Tooth-brushing and maturity

It dawned on me that Gabriella will be taking care of my youngest, Quentin. The two of them will be in school together for the first time and since Gabriella is the oldest, she will be showing him the ropes.

It is in her nature to be thorough and by the book. However, she has been quite the instructor in topics ranging from doing different dances to proper tooth brushing techniques.

I am proud that she is growing into her newest role for she must learn on the fly. Both of the youngest HastyKids will be attending a new school this year. Gabriella will enter 2nd Grade and Quentin is just starting out in Kindergarten.

I will have a great time celebrating both of their many new accomplishments and challenges as they embark on this newest milestone. Just an FYI, I am proud of you both. You both need to keep having fun, working hard, and helping each other every day.

Braces and maturity

My eldest daughter got braces a few days ago and I am so proud of how well she is taking it. Her gums are sore, she eats slower, and she is picky about what she eats but she is taking the proper steps to becoming a teenager.

Just this summer I heard her correcting her siblings like we do. She was stern but not abusive, strict not overbearing. She knows how to give consequences for her mischevious brothers' actions.

What made me blog about this milestone was her ability to tell us what she didnt like about a school we enrolled her in. We came from the Open House tonight and were reflecting lin our car before we left the parking lot. 

Mom and I can be overbearing with our opinions of institutions, I'm sure because we are both teachers, but Molly stepped up to the plate and let us know what she really thought.

Ultimately she doesnt want to go there and she won't. Mom and I work too hard for foolishness. I believe she will succeed anywhere. I lean on God to make sure that somewhere is right for my big girl.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Really into video games...

Dear Quentin,

You love playing games of all sorts, especially video games. Last summer I spoiled you and bought several video games like: soccer, college and professional football, college and professional basketball, Lego Batman & Robin, etc. A student in one of my classes gave me Halo 3 and your life hasn't been the same since. 

For the record, this is the first game you and I beat together. Regardless of that milestone, this is your go to game. If anyone were to have a list of the most coveted things, this would be on your list. I love that about you! You are passionate, energetic and a jokester! Don't lost any of that when you get older.



Sunday, August 2, 2015

Growing up...

You're growing so fast
Not many can see
But I watch your every move
Your the boy I want you to be.

Your strong, ambitious and persistent. Don't lose any of those traits as you get older. This post goes out to you as you lost your second tooth. I'm proud of you from your smallest to your greatest accomplishments.