Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Sports...

As the season's wind down, I am happy to say that I am proud to see the growth in all three of you. Molly, you've showed your comfort level while batting and your intelligence on the field. Gabriella, you have showed your growth and patience as a player over all. You can also hit very well. Quentin, you have adopted a new sport and you are the Bomb! Soccer is officially your Fall sport so get ready to play year round.

Again, I'm proud of all of you and look forward to your Spring Seasons. Stay tuned for a few videos and lots and lots of pictures. Baseball/Softball anyone?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

No sports this weekend 100315

Due to our downpours of rain over the last two days and forthcoming rain tgat has been anticipated, The Hasty kids games have been canceled. Practice was canceled last Wednesday also for the girls but Quentin had his fĂștball (soccer) practice.

As a parent I am overjoyed to see you practice grow play the successful and fail. These of the joys and which make me proud to be a parent, supporter, friend, coach, teacher, etc.

Don't forget all that you've done. All of the sports you've played. All that you've accomplished. Everything that you worked hard for. Al of the times you were defeated as well as all of your successes. You don't have many trophies or medals now but they will come.

I look forward to when I'm at your next game videotaping everything because my camera is now fixed! I'm proud of all three of you! All that you've accomplished thus far and all that you will accomplish. Don't forget to work hard, practice and have FUN!