Sunday, January 6, 2013


The other day I was in the car with the Hasty Kids, taking them to school at their respective drop off locations, when I started on the topic of balance.

Molly loves to watch her TV shows, play her iPod, and just relax but I told her that all things should be balanced. For example, her entertainment can be the fun part of her day combined with the following: studying her multiplication tables or playing her recorder can be the work part of her day, maintaining her good health (e.g. not eating too much junk food, taking showers and brushing her teeth, getting enough sleep, exercising, etc.), speaking to God, and socializing with family, friends, or via reflection.

As I struggle with balance in my life, I want her not to do this when she gets older. As the responsibilities pile on for all of us in life, starting good habits while we're young is ideal. For the Hasty kids, I'm trying to make it real!