Sunday, December 30, 2012

Babysitter needed

With all of the hustle of raising 3 children in a family, there must be time allotted for the individual (i.e. self), the couple, and then fun time with the kids. Often times I find it difficult to have fun because I mix up the roles of dad, professional, and husband.

Interchanging the roles are okay but I believe there has to a be a priority to things. With this in mind I must force the order as follows: husband, dad, and then professional...

Back from my segway, I NEED A BABYSITTER! I saw a soft add on Facebook about a student I used to teach. That is ideal because she is old enough (and in this case mature enough) to handle the responsibility that comes with the job. My children are 3, 4 and 9. The 9 year old is entering her Tween phase ("Grrr"). My 4 year old is the middle child, asthmatic, and if that weren't enough, is in constant competition with her other two siblings. Lastly my 3 year old is the only boy, new to the "Terrible Two's" phase, and I'll leave it at that.

The ideal babysitter would be old enough to not fall prey to any of the aforementioned strong personalities and needs. This babysitter would be mature enough to hold a 5 minute time out when needed and be able to multitask well. This person would be resourceful when necessary (e.g. able to give medicine to Ella, call if things could get out of hand, etc). Ultimately this person would be available to care for our children the way my wife and I would normally for a 3-5 hour time slot occasionally.

Do you know of that person?