Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fevers are us!

Poor Quentin is sick! He isn't throwing up but he has a fever. I don't know where it came from but today (Sunday) I noticed a rash on his neck and the rest of his body.

I am so sad my little boy isn't feeling well but it was inevitable because he never gets sick. Moreover, I had to call out of work because only I can take care of him (my wife doesn't have any days to take off from work).

I bought an interchangeable thermometer to measure his temperature over time.  His temp was a 101.4 but has since lowered to a 98.3 and then back up to a 99.4. I inquired with the doctors in what my next steps should be they were helpful and the verdict is that we just have to wait it out.

The next day Quentin and I took the girls to their drop-off location weekday mornings. He was very patient in the car when I took them, which never happens. While at home we played video games, ate, he took a nap, and when he awoke we played more games. I was beginning to think that he really wasn't sick at all but if you saw this rash, I'm sure you would be convinced.

Although Quentin's fever has been non-existent since last night, I am not taking any chances. I called the Dr's help line and requested a call back in regards to the steps I need to take next. My wish is that they clear him to go back to school but I am patient and giving it to God to handle.