Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tempter Tantrum part 1...

One morning this week Gabriella reminded me of the following: that she still thinks she is the boss in this house, she is an important child, and that she is relevant. Gabriella is all of these things and her need to tell me rolled into an AM-tempter-tantrum while my wife and I were hustling to get ready for work.

I am an advocate of time out but when you are short on time you can't/won't/don't time-out. Other forms of punishment came to mind but I settled on my particular favorite, which is taking their favorites away. Every Friday morning I get the children a treat on our way to daycare, etc. This treat is always sweet and (to be more specific) usually is a pop-tart or a donut.

I immediately eventually threatened her with taking the brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts away on Friday. This didn't work and (to make a long story short) I eventually got of the door with our children to get on with our morning.

I feel the urge to break down exactly what her tantrum consisted of but I will spare you and save that for a later post (if I can remember). Gabriella has the strongest personality/attitude/will-power out of all three of the Hasty children and that will benefit her in the future. I just hope that she doesn't persist in using that will-power against me because I don't want to have to write about it again.