Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sleeping Habits

So what are the sleeping habits of your little one(s)? MPM sleeps great but as for the other two, something goes terribly wrong in the middle of the night.

Take tonight for instance. I let all 3 of our children fall asleep on the couch because of a Christmas movie and Mom was coming home late from a meeting. Q went to sleep first, then Ella, then MPM. I took each of them upstairs individually, had MPM just walk up (she's 8 and can handle it). 

As we fast forward to about 2 hours later, Q wakes up screaming. At this point I'm tired and frustrated (due to flashbacks of Ella from when she was between the ages of 1-3 and did this regularly. I tried to put him to bed but it seemed as if he wanted to scream. This didn't go well with me because shortly Ella woke up and she is usually the main culprit.

Their rooms are next to each other so the slightest scream would set the other off.

I forgot how this story ends but my wife is usually better at putting them back to be than I am. I blame it on how often I got up when they were infants. 'til the next night terror sighting...