Sunday, December 4, 2011

The importance of Nap time

Five and a half hours after I arrived home, from a secret trip with my children, my daughter finally wakes up. This is because she refused to take a nap around her nap time; i.e. anywhere between 11:30am to 3:00pm. I even had her lay in the bed with just a 101 Dalmation Pez dispenser and no "sleep movie". For another post I will elaborate on the "bed" and "sleep movie" puns but I am focused on elaborating on this point before she is done with her dinner. Oops, my time is up. Well here's my game plan:
  1. I will give her the same dinner we ate at 8pm 
  2. I will bribe her to eat most of it with an ice cream prize subsequent to her completion
  3. Afterwards we will brush teeth, put jammies on, and I will put a "sleep movie" on with the repeat all active. 
May God bless me as I sleep tonight to not have any interruptions by her or her cranky brother.
A few things that I have learned from my 3 tricksters are as follows:
  • If possible maintain the same nap time during the day everyday
  • Make sure they are as active as possible (this ensures good exercise, enough energy exertion, and maximum fun for all)
  • Snack between meals