Monday, June 14, 2010

June Sickness

This June isn't fun because Q is teething and G notices that Q gets a lot of attention. Challenging for a stay at home mom and a dad who has the most challenging semester in grad school yet.

As I type this, G is put in timeout again as she cries and makes a scene in order to gain sympathy from wherever. I feel like Super Nanny when I punish her but she is very rude and downright mean to all of us. I know it is for attention but she reminds me of those misbehaved children on the Super Nanny show. I am glad watched it when I did because I am using the same timeout-talk in a soft but stern voice-techniques she uses and it works for the most part. It is just heart aching when G cries until she is red in the face. I'll post a photo at the next outbreak.

Additionally, mom has a cold that she hasn't shaken yet and is infecting 2/3 of the children. Argh!

Besides that, all is well and M graduated from Kindergarten. It was a pretty big deal and we went to Olive Garden. The meal was nice, G was allergic to something, and the server/waiter totally wasn't as attentive as he could have been for a family of 5 with 3 children. Our tip just scraped the 15% mark.

Time to change my cloak for the GradDad one in my back pocket.

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