Friday, August 28, 2015

Tooth-brushing and maturity

It dawned on me that Gabriella will be taking care of my youngest, Quentin. The two of them will be in school together for the first time and since Gabriella is the oldest, she will be showing him the ropes.

It is in her nature to be thorough and by the book. However, she has been quite the instructor in topics ranging from doing different dances to proper tooth brushing techniques.

I am proud that she is growing into her newest role for she must learn on the fly. Both of the youngest HastyKids will be attending a new school this year. Gabriella will enter 2nd Grade and Quentin is just starting out in Kindergarten.

I will have a great time celebrating both of their many new accomplishments and challenges as they embark on this newest milestone. Just an FYI, I am proud of you both. You both need to keep having fun, working hard, and helping each other every day.

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