Friday, August 28, 2015

Braces and maturity

My eldest daughter got braces a few days ago and I am so proud of how well she is taking it. Her gums are sore, she eats slower, and she is picky about what she eats but she is taking the proper steps to becoming a teenager.

Just this summer I heard her correcting her siblings like we do. She was stern but not abusive, strict not overbearing. She knows how to give consequences for her mischevious brothers' actions.

What made me blog about this milestone was her ability to tell us what she didnt like about a school we enrolled her in. We came from the Open House tonight and were reflecting lin our car before we left the parking lot. 

Mom and I can be overbearing with our opinions of institutions, I'm sure because we are both teachers, but Molly stepped up to the plate and let us know what she really thought.

Ultimately she doesnt want to go there and she won't. Mom and I work too hard for foolishness. I believe she will succeed anywhere. I lean on God to make sure that somewhere is right for my big girl.

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