Friday, November 28, 2014

They'll be alright

I was talking to Molly yesterday about how proud I was of her. I complimented the other Hasty Kids also, but this talk with Molly evolved into my main concern, how are the Hasty Kids going to manage when the parents aren't around?

Now I went to the extreme in talking about the importance of knowing that they would do the right things when we were to die. This was mentioned briefly because we all know and accept this fact of life. However, I sparked this complimentary dialogue because Molly started to practice her instrument on her own.

Mom told me that she has been doing this for some time and I felt instant Joy. Many times I don't see what effects I have on the Hasty Kids. I thank God that the priority is being picked up by my trailblazing daughter! 

Molly, when you read this know that I am so proud of you! Of all your accomplishments and all that you have yet to accomplish. Of your sens of humor, your beauty, your strength and your kind heart! You are the best big sister, first daughter, and child anyone could ask for and I thank God that he has blessed me with you.

Love you and always proud,


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