Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Parade on Mill Creek Year 1

We attended our first parade since we've been in Levittown. It was a good time but Katie was too excited so I had to take her back to the house. The parade route was around the corner of our house so that was perfect. It only lasted for about 

There were so many cool things about the parade that I need to bookmark for all of you in this post. I'll take a moment to talk about the take-aways of the parade and our family fun.

For one, we were super cold so we need to remember gloves and hats (if they fit over all of my girls' lovely hair).

Secondly, they were giving away a lot of candy so we need to bring our Halloween bags.

Third, Katie was way too crazy because of the action so we need to leave her at home. Sorry girl!

And the last option, we should remember to bring a camera to capture all of the Hasty Family fun times during this parade!

What a great time!

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