Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Ups and Downs

So GLH has her ups and downs like the weather.

Four to six months ago, Gabby was temperamental. She often threw a tantrum at the drop of a dime. She exhibited tendencies such as: whining, crying, stomping, pouting, yelling, screaming (a higher pitch), hitting, kicking, and being unsatisfied. These traits surfaced individually and at the same time, sporadically.

Since that time Gab has come of age. She shows her maturity by controlling and almost eliminating the aforementioned behaviors, acting more loving (she is such a cuddler), and she is excited to help out in any way. I love this Gab and look forward to having this one to stay but recently her behavior has been on the decline.

This week Gab has been extra needy and temperamental. She is more selfish, hits and kicks more, and the night terrors are back (thanks for the chat Tak). I pray that God may help her and me get through these tough times. I am sure her cold has something to do with it.

Now to our current day when these same behaviors have resurfaced. This is a mild stone (or so I think) and I believe that she is maturing and moving to that next glorious age when she can go to the potty by herself and can share without her terrible-two-tendencies. Age three here we come and not a moment too soon.


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