Monday, June 30, 2008


This hasn't been an easy day at all.

GH has been irritable for 30 minutes and with constant crying I don't need to say anymore. She is my little girl and I want to know what's up with her. After several phone calls to her doctor over the past 5 weeks, matched with her irregular BM's, I am concerned. For the past week and a half she has experienced discomfort from 3-5pm.

MM was a great help despite the minor jealous setbacks. I forgot to mention this is our first week together; the girls and me. MM goes to camp on Monday 7/7 so this week should be an adventure. All in all the day went pretty quickly as I await my wife's entrance within the hour.

To conclude my day and blog I go back to the second job at 4:45-11:00pm today. Whoopie!

How was your day?

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  1. Dear SuperDad,

    It's now 6:50 and GH CANNOT stop the fuss, can we say colic?
    I have become a pro at a little dance I like to call the "mummer strut rain dance". The good news is between work and my nightly mummer position the weight should just start falling off without much time spent on the eliptical at all:)
    I think in the end your day will always be better than mine bc you get the girls during the part of the day where there are naps involved... you're so blessed please never take nap time for granted and always lay down with them.
    The chores can wait until we can tag team on the weekends and besides I am getting kinda nice at picking out clothes for the family with my eyes half open at 5:15 in the morning. I am even careful to pick out the ones that don't have to touch an iron at all.
    But seriously, if my biggest fear is that we will will be living out of a perpetual pile of laundry in the living room, I personally think we are doing a pretty good job.
    I hope that work was bearable, it probably feels like a break it's so easy in comparison to being a full time parent. Love you long time:)

    PS I managed to burn the meatloaf somewhere between prepping stewed chicken for tomorrow, "dancing", talking to my mom and making Molly's dinner, I'm sorry and I'll make gravy for it but if it's gross please don't eat it!



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