Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Race...

So this week Molly, Gabriella and I were doing our usual race to the car after dropping Quentin off. But this is where our race took a turn for the worse. Let me back up a little to tell you our brief race history and the details of the racing therein.

The history of our race is as follows: One day I raced Molly (holding Gabriella) to the car and she won. Another day we raced again (with the same format) and I won. Keep in mind that this all happens after we drop Quentin off for daycare at about 7 am in the morning. Back to where it took a turn for the worse.

In this final race something went horribly wrong. I will set the scene. It's dark outside. I'm holding Gabriella while Molly is set in her faux race stance ready to go. As she starts to run she yells go and we started from near the door for the daycare. We ran across the grass down a sloping lawn with a payment separating the lawn and the car. After I struggle to win I struggle to gain my balance and slow down then speed up just enough for a photo finish. Then all of a sudden I smack into our car!

I twisted my body at the last minute because I was afraid Gabriella would get any of the impact. While doing this I landed full force on the mirror on the passenger's side of the car. I kick myself for falling victim to "the race" but am glad to etch another great memory in the minds of the Hasty Kids.