Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Growth check in February 2015

Dear Quentin,

It's been sometime since I blogged about you but you've grown so much. You still seem like a little boy when you wear your Batman pajamas with a little Cape like you did last night. I recognize your growth and strength size and intelligence.

You started playing video games heavily at the beginning of last summer. I was skeptical whether they would catch on, or you would be any good, but you've practiced diligently, had difficult times and joyous conquesrs and are learning ning more through video games then anything else.

Your vocabulary has grown tremendously and started to blossom at the age of three years old. However, I am worried about your recognition of letters and numbers.as of 2015 I've started a garage to get you up to where I think you should be because you started kindergarten in the fall.

It's going to be tough but I know you trust me everything will be alright. This is just like a video game except okay learning in a different way. Several apps you been playing with on the iPhone and iPod you're learning your letters, how to write them. Later on we'll get you into your numbers. My goal is for you to know everything by this June. Deal?


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